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.:Firework:. by BlueBead

Cool! :D I love the coloring on this. The fire's color change is very smooth and the glows on the swirls are very pretty. :meow: The fire hair on Wick's head is awesome. I love how you can see the individual flames. The faint glow around the fire is nice, but perhaps it could be a little stronger? The texture on the rock and ground blocks is very good, especially on the dirt part. Like the shape of it. :) The back edges of the grass could probably have a little more shaggy grass texture though. Wick's eyes are awesome, shape shine and all. The inside of the mouth is also very good, I love how you can see it get brighter as it goes farther inside. That firework is amazing because it gets denser at the edges and you can see movement in it.

The upper half of the body is great, but I think the legs are just a little too "segmented", a little too divided betwen joints. As for the shadow underneath him, you might wanna take out just a little bit a notch above his left knee. (unles of course that was intentional and was his head's shadow, or something) It just looks a little too soild.

I love that rose, the shading is perfect and I love how the thorns are in different area (side, back, top, hard to explain)

Anyways, really nice job ;P
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